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About Me

My Experiences

Vikram Modgil is an artificial intelligence blogger, writer, speaker and entrepreneur

I am Founder of Pi Square® AI - a decision design company specializing in AI based systems & algorithms, IoT, Augmented Reality & Robotic Process Automation.

At the time of publishing this site, there are  351 million search results when you search "artificial intelligence". Its possible to consume so much information. My mission in starting this blog is to help create bite size information and publish  content weekly and share my experiences with like-minded people.

I have spent over a decade in this industry offering artificial intelligence, data science and analytic consulting services to fortune companies. Looking forward to share exciting inventions, news and updates form around the world of AI. Looking forward to our journey together what is artificial intelligence introduction

My Community


I founded to create awareness, engagement and actions on ethics of AI.

My relationships & community which we have developed over the years is my greatest strength. The students, experienced professionals who are looking to re-invent their careers and start their journey in AI or are stuck and need help to move head - my mission is to guide and support them in personal capacity. You have inspired me to invest effort in sharing this knowledge permanently via this website. 

Your comments and feedback is a constant source of encouragement that I need. I would try my best to respond individually as much as possible.

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With power of this community I intend to support those who need it the most.  Keeping that in mind, I will dedicate time to write blog posts, facilitate local meetups etc  to support students, professionals and entrepreneurs in their endeavor to solve key national & global challenges through AI & latest technologies.  You can join me and get involved by participating in knowledge exchange. Follow me on my social pages for latest information and schedule of meet ups and other activities that we host from time to time. Join the mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter for all the latest news & update